HTC One M8 amazing Phone with amazing specs

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Finally, after months of debate, leaked photos, specs and the whether or not it would be called the One Two or the otherwise, HTC has finally revealed its next generation flagship smartphone, the One M8.

Notwithstanding the name, or at least we’re happy that HTC didn’t pursue the One Two moniker (which would be an utter disaster from the get go), the One M8 came humbly came out with subtle fireworks as its whole being had been circulating around the tech world for quite some time. It only goes to show that, from the time HTC had decided to let the world know that it’s coming, leaks of what it is supposed to look like and what should run the One M8 came out of the blue and piled just like pancakes.

What we now have is the legitimate flagship: HTC bumped the One M8 to 5inches, as compared to the 4.7inch of the One but retained its 1080p Full HD resolution. Hardware keys were also replaced by capacitive buttons alongside a “25% louder” BoomSound speaker grilles up front.

On the inside, the One M8 will be powered by a couple of processor variants: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3Ghz Krait 400 CPU for the US, Europe, Middle East and African market and a perked-up 2.5GHz Krait 400 CPU for those who are in Asia. It will also have and Adreno 330 graphics card, 2GB of RAM and an option to spice memory storage to 128GB via microSD card should its 16GB and 32GB aren’t enough for you.

In addition, the One M8 will utilize Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat OS together with their own Sense 6. The company also poured in Motion Launch that would enable the user to use the camera or unlock the device while the screen is off. Its Power Saving Mode, should it be turned on, will tap only 10% of the One M8’s 2,600mAh battery and thereby haggling some 30 hours of usage.

At the back is HTC’s popular UltraPixel HTC Duo Camera (4megapixels): a couple of clickers that measures depth of field and depicts the human eye’s stereoscopic abilities, allowing the camera to calculate distance of a subject and an image. Up front is a 5megapixel snapper (a hurdle of a jump as compared to the One’s 2.1megapixel front cam). However, HTC scrapped off its Optical Image Stabilization and opted for a digital one.

The HTC One M8 will be available in Gunmetal Gray, Glacier Silver and Amber Gold and should reach more than 100 countries and 230 carriers before the end of April. Accessories and cases will likewise be up for grabs.

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