ICE Trinity Modular Tablet

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I don’t know what is with Computex this year but it seems to me that we see all of them on this year’s largest computing trade show. First we saw ASUS’s Padfone, the next one is the CMIT TransPhone and now we have something from ICE that brings a distinguishing concept that can pack an iPhone inside its case.

In partnership with ECS, ICE is a Taiwanese startup that contributes to the Trinity slate. The concept is to be able to come up with a mobile display that will let the users dock a PC module or a smartphone. Although the pictures have an iPhone docked upon it, it is not necessarily exclusive to iOs devices.

From what we heard from the product manager of ICE who is Jason Wu, the company has been tossing its efforts regarding this concept for quite some time now. Although like the early aforementioned companies like ASUS and CMIT, the company still lacked to bring a working prototype.

The idea is fairly simple. The user could slide in a PC module or any smartphone of their choice and have themselves work with a tablet with an upgradable core for an upgrade option. The good thing is, ICE is also planning to throw some add-ins such as an additional internal storage, USB 3.0 ports and fan inside it.

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