Ideum MT55 Multitouch Table

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Nowadays, interactive devices (e.g. tablets, multitouch tables) are considered to be must haves as they aid in our work and provides information just within our grasp. Institutions such as museums which promote learning and enhance knowledge can surely use an interactive table such as Ideum’s MT55 to foster better appreciation for learning.

The new MT55 is really gorgeous with its 55-inch LCD display given that its LED backlit graphics are in 1920×1080 HD. Like its previous models, its screen is coated with a 5-mm layer of sturdy and tempered glass. Did we forget to mention that it sits atop a pedestal made of aluminum and steel which basically houses the whole hardware. Inside the pedestal is Intel’s Quad Core i7 CPU with 4GB of RAM. One can also find two (2) 250GB SATA hard drives and itsgraphics card – NVIDIA’s Quadro 600. The MT55’s system is run by Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and it comes equipped with GestureWorks multitouch software that works with both Flash and Flex. The integrated Bose Audio System provides for the sound. Oh by the way, it has the capacity to support up to 32 touchpoints.

As announced by the company in its website, the Ideum MT55 Table is already available (shipping has already started). We do have to confirm the price yet as it’s not listed in the site.

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