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Numark has recently unveiled its new DJ software controller for iPad and iPhone. This new dual-deck portable will be called as “iDJ Live” and will sport a wide range of features that will not only be suited for professional disk jockeys but also for Djs.

The new DJ software controller will be able to record and perform a variety of live mixes. It will be a perfect Disk Jockey device for those DJs who are always on-the-go. It can also play your favorite playlists straight from its Automix mode. With iDJ Live, you can freely mix your music along with a full-pledged DJ system known as ‘djay for iPad’. All that you’ll need to do is to connect your DJ software controller to your iPad.

Other specs and features:
compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod
large scratch wheels for seamless scratch feel
split cable for speaker and headphone
control buttons with bass and treble knobs
crossfader for mixing tracks
works with other Core MIDI-enabled apps
built-in stand for iPad

As for those who would like to get one, the official release date and price of the new iDJ Live software controller has not yet been announced. Meanwhile, you may download its dedicated Djay app through iTunes for just $20.

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