Microsoft imagine cup 2016 – Finals Seattle

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Team Vanguards Bahrain
Team Vanguards to represent Pan Arab World in Microsoft Imagine cup competition held at Seattle next month.

Microsoft Bahrain and Tamkeen celebrated the victory of Vanguards Team, who were announced one of the three winning teams of the Imagine Cup 2016 Pan Arab Semi-Finals that took place in Cairo from May 27 to 29. The winning team will represent Bahrain and the Arab World in the games category at the 14th Imagine Cup World Finals in July 2016.

We are a team of striving innovators in gaming. We strive to deliver games with a meaning and purpose while keeping it fun and challenging. Our goal is to make something that is new and will be remembered for years to come. Something that can help people while still being entertaining.

Team consists of:
Mahmood AlSarhani (ICT Student of Bahrain Polytechnic)
Noof Abdulla (Marketing Graduate of Bahrain Polytechnic)


In the future of 2021, the International Space Station Agency (ISSA) has developed the Apollo-X rescue team. A team dedicated to save malfunctioned spaceships in space. One day, Alex and her team were sent to to retrieve a stranded spaceship near Mars. But during their mission, they crashed into something. Alex woke up in an abandoned spaceship with no one else in sight. With only Max, her sibling, supervising from the ISSA’s headquarters, she needs to find her team and a way out. But the questions remain, are they truly alone? What sort of surprises awaits her in the deep dark areas of the spaceship?

Our project is called “Apollo-X”. It is a horror game that uses Virtual Reality, Biofeedback technology and a mobile phone. It is an adaptive type of game that changes according to the player’s heart rate. The more scared the player is, the scarier and more difficult the game becomes. This allows the player to become more self aware of their feelings and try to stay calm.

The game also features a multiplayer mode that allows a player on PC to cooperate with a player on mobile. The two players take the role of the two main characters and need to overcome the challenges brought before them using a unique way of cross-platform play.

Technologies used to develop this game are as follows:
Unity Game Engine
C# as a Programming Language
Visual Studio 2015
Microsoft Band
Oculus Rift
Windows 10 Phone
Machine Learning

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