Instagram hot girls & cats

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Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. So, despite our best efforts, our Instagram posts failed to go past a few hundred likes in 2015? Never mind, as to garner likes in millions either you have to be a famous personality (pop sensation or sports star), a hot and sexy girl or a cat! That’s what results suggest.

The photo-sharing app has put out its list of most-liked photos of 2015 and Meredith the Cat (Taylor Swift’s pet) stars in two of the top 10, along with a handful of other superstars, reported.

After introducing its ‘Search And Explore’ update in June, the photo sharing site opened their platform to a wider fan base in 2015.

An analysis by Vocativ of the “most liked photos” revealed what it takes to have your image “liked” millions of times over.

Firstly, be a female. Of the 99 images included in the roundup, 90 featured female celebrities. The nine male images were split between Justin Beiber, Leo Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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