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InstantMask is a free program that provides a quick and easy way to remove backgrounds and crop out foreground figures or elements from any type of image. The user is required to use a drawing tool to roughly outline the “foreground” (desired) image element as well as the area directly adjacent to it, and InstantMask will do the rest.

If you’ve ever wanted to crop out a human figure or a face (or anything else) from the background for use on projects (and assuming that you’re not a Photoshop wizard), then this software is for you. It presents a quick and easy way to separate visual elements from the background in any image, by simply outlining the foreground figure and the space surrounding it with the mouse.Here are more notes on this program:

  • How to use: use the green crayon (which actually leaves yellow marks) to make a rough outline within the foreground figure, and the red crayon to outline the area around the figure. Click preview to instantly see the masking results, then go back, zoom in or out, and refine your outlines if need be. Save the resulting image to disk and you’re done.

Download: Freeware InstantMask

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