Intel Classmate Tablet & PC – Educational innovation by Intel

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In its efforts to become an efficient educational aid, Intel has created their newest gadgets, the Intel® Education Tablet and Intel Classmate PC designs to enable more effective teaching and learning sessions between instructors and students.

The Classmate PC and tablet are equipped with the Intel® Education Software which is intended solely for the educational devices. The software supports eLearning tools like the Kno* app that facilitates a more interactive learning process like science explorations, data analysis and also creativity. Moreover, the device will run on Intel’s Celeron N2806 processor and Windows 8.1.

Externally, we will see a 10 inch Classmate PC device with a rotating camera and a touch screen display. There are also available accessories like the snap-on magnification lens and plug-in thermal probe. Initially, this design will be seen in the HP Classmate Notebook PC.


The tablet design will still have a 10 inch size and will run on Intel’s Z2520 CPU and in Android 4.2. It is accompanied with a stylus, optional 3G and a 12 hour battery life. The 2 devices are designed to be ruggedized, which makes it water and dust proof.

The first Classmate PC will be available by next month and other devices might come in the next months.

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