Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge CPU

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The Intel Core i7-3770K has a 3.5GHz quad-core desktop chip. Apart from having refurbishments in its architecture, it comes with a brand new GPU in the form of the HD 4000. It also comes pack with the 22nm manufacturing process (with it, a couple hundreds of MHz is sacrificed on the overclocking side) and the so-called 3D Tri-Gate transistors. It is quite dizzying just to dissect the features but to cut the chase short, having these components means that the processor consumes lesser power, gives a better performance and provides a rapid media transcoding. To prove its worth, tests have been done with the new Intel Chip. Results were surprising just to warn readers. Using Quick Sync (through AnandTech tests) which is an on-die media transcode engine, the i7-3770K basically made its competitors eat the dust. It also complements well with Cyberlink Media Espresso as it made a DRM-stripped Blu-ray (130 minutes at 1080p) into an iPad friendly format within seven minutes.
As mentioned earlier, it consumes less power and this was proven with the Tests made by TechSpot wherein the new chip just recorded 147 watts of power during heavy operations. This was four (4) watts lower compared to the i5-2500K. Ivy Bridge’s 7-series chipset enables USB 3.0 support and it will also make way for Thunderbolt support (in a months’ time).

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