Intel Secures $8.5 Billion CHIPS Act Funding Agreement from Biden

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The United States chipmaker Intel has secured a landmark funding agreement with the Biden administration, signaling a significant step forward in revitalizing domestic semiconductor manufacturing. Under the auspices of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, Intel stands to receive a staggering $8.5 billion in direct funding, along with access to $11 billion in low-interest loans and up to $25 billion in investment tax credits. This multifaceted funding package is poised to fuel Intel’s ambitious construction and expansion projects across four states, creating nearly 30,000 jobs in the process.

 Key Points:

– CHIPS Act Funding: The $8.5 billion direct funding, in conjunction with low-interest loans and investment tax credits, is part of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, aimed at bolstering US leadership in semiconductor technology.

– Job Creation: Intel’s expansion projects across Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oregon are expected to generate approximately 30,000 jobs, comprising 10,000 manufacturing roles and nearly 20,000 construction positions.

– National Security Implications: Intel’s pivotal role in the US semiconductor supply chain underscores the significance of this funding in bolstering national security interests. While the funding applies solely to commercial ventures, separate initiatives for defense and intelligence sectors may follow.

– Facility Expansion: Intel’s plans include the establishment of new fabrication facilities and the modernization of existing sites in Arizona, Ohio, and Oregon, equipped with cutting-edge technology to advance chip manufacturing capabilities.

– Tax Incentives: The investment tax credit, amounting to up to 25% on eligible capital expenditures, provides Intel with substantial tax savings, encouraging further investment in domestic manufacturing.

– CHIPS Act 2.0: While the current agreement marks a significant milestone, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger suggests that a potential “CHIPS Act 2.0” may be necessary to fully restore American semiconductor leadership.

– Broader Semiconductor Initiative: The agreement with Intel represents the latest in a series of major CHIPS Act investments, following previous initiatives aimed at bolstering domestic manufacturing capacity and national security interests.

Intel and @CommerceGov announced up to $8.5 billion in direct funding through the #CHIPSAct to support the expansion of our U.S. capacity and capabilities. U.S. chip leadership #StartsWithIntel

— Intel (@intel) March 20, 2024


The CHIPS Act funding agreement with Intel represents a pivotal moment in the Biden administration’s efforts to revitalize the US semiconductor industry. By fostering domestic manufacturing, creating thousands of jobs, and fortifying national security interests, this partnership with Intel underscores the government’s commitment to reclaiming semiconductor leadership on the global stage. As Intel embarks on its expansive construction and modernization projects, the ripple effects are poised to shape the trajectory of the semiconductor industry for years to come.

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