Invoxia AudiOffice Business Dock

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Invoxia AudiOffice Business Dock allows your mobile devices to become an all too useful desktop phone. They have already unveiled it during the Mobile World Congress conference last February. The device is actually a new speaker from Invoxia called the Invoxia AudiOffice Business Dock.
All you need to do is to place your mobile device on the gadget’s dock and voila! Calls can be easily made through the attached handset aside from the usual functions you get from your Apple devices like playing music or video chatting. Users can even switch intro speakerphone mode if they need or want to. The product is said to be useful for businesses since iPhones have great apps like Skype and FaceTime which helps businesses cut communication costs.
Setting-up is very easy since users will be guided through a free Invoxia app from the Apple App Store. When the iPhone is already placed on the dock, Bluetooth activation of the device is used in order to update the setting of the app. After which, AudiOffice will easily sync with the iPhone’s contacts. The market price for the AudiOffice Business Dock is a bit steep at $299 (BHD 114).

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