iOS 6: Features Review

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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is certainly an event that’s looked forward to as the company shares very interesting announcements. 

This year was no different as Apple revealed what’s in store for the upcoming iOS 6. It was Scott Forstall who took the honor of unveiling the new iOS 6. 

It basically has 200 updates and improvements and some of the new features include the following: 
a) Siri’s new capability
b) Facebook Integration
c) new phone app enhancements
d) Safari
e) Photos
f) Mail
g) Passbook
h) Maps. 

With the iOS 6, Siri is now more flexible as it has a multitude of functionalities. Siri is now able to do the following: launches apps, can Tweet, provide information on sports (e.g. scores, game summaries, player stats, etc.), integrates with Yelp and OpenTable (for restaurant reviews and reservations), integrated with Rotten Tomatoes (movie times and reviews), speaks in a variety of languages, will have hands-free integration in car systems and iPad will have Siri. 
Moreover, special treatment has been given to Facebook (FB) as it will have deep integration in the iOS 6. Users can login through their FB account and will be granted instant access to FB in apps, web browser and Siri. Events as well as birthdays can now be synced with the calendar. As for the new phone app enhancements, there’s a mode function that reminds user to call back or text back when they can’t take an incoming call at the moment. The Do Not Disturb is quite impressive since the device can receive messages but wouldn’t light up. Facetime will now smoothly work over cellular connections. It also has been innovated that whenever someone calls, user can opt to answer using his/her iPad or Mac. Safari also gets offline reading lists and these lists can sync with the reading list in Safari for OS X. 
There is also the add App Banners to a website. Users can now also shared photos over at iCloud and even make comments. Mail has the VIP feature which highlights mail from your business partners or friends that you really want to hear from. It’s also been given the ability to open password-locked documents in mail and pull to refresh for messages. Another handy app is the Passbook which collects all of user’s loyalty cards, ticket information and other pertinent information and stores it in an organized place for easy access. It is location-enabled thus popping-up information that corresponds to where user is. Lastly, Apple will have its own and new map app. They are also creating their own traffic service and they’ll have the turn-by-turn navigation with the iPhone that is vector-based and voiced over by Siri. The iOS6 will be made available to consumer’s devices by fall.

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