iOS 7.1 to be Released Soon

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The controversial iOS 7 update is reported to be causing a screen crash or soft reboot once the battery power goes down to 30%. This issue began to surface last September and iPhone users have been complaining about the crash which turned the device’s screen into white or black. For example, if the iPhone color is white, the “screen of death” will be while and if it is noir, the screen will black.

There’s no explanation of the possible correlation between the two but so far, the glitch is simply annoying especially if power is down to 30%. The good news is Apple’s set to release iOS 7.1 to fix the glitch thus avoiding the sudden freezing and the expected reboot of the device.

Most affected by the glitch are the iPhone 5S and 5C users, but it may also include those with automatic downloads of the firmware upgrade. The reboot also happens at the time of app loading or in case of app switching. As for the latest hush hush, it’s expected the Cupertino giant will release 7.1 in the coming weeks as it’s now in Beta 4 for developers.

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