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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is now making headlines as he unwrap the company’s latest mobile OS version the iOS 7 as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California – the same venue as in previous years.

The annual event runs from June 10 to 14, 2013 and will feature Apple’s latest technologies and new software for developers as well as offering feedback sessions and hands-on labs. First, Cook has offered some figures for the audience to look at and ponder upon all relating to the current OS and this is followed by the formal intro of the new OS using the common naming convention. iOS 7 is referred to as the huge transformation in Apple OS technology since the first iPhone was introduced in the market.

It will be a completely new design and fully intuitive in nature combining the current trend in mobile OS specs with the company’s evolving innovative technology. The lock screen features a thinner font and a new look is highlighted on the icons with their flatter design. Images can become transparent with the latest animation featured on an improved typography and a wider real estate. It seems that the center of attraction of this intro part is the changes in design brought by iOS 7 along with a moving Desktop that creates an in-depth experience to the user. Generally, the interface becomes laced with updated data and elements like the Messages and Game Center including the Calendar with its clean look.

Most of interface elements are now flatter, the Mail expanded to accommodate larger photos, the Notifications made simple, and the Folder simplified with the ability to accommodate app on many pages. Added features include the Control Center, a Parental control, the user being able to swipe on running apps, and increasing the number of allowable apps from the current eight. Major changes are made on the Photo app which now support sharing via iCloud. The Siri thing is complemented with voices from both male and female and in different but major languages such as Enlgish, German, and French. App integration is given prominence along with the upgraded The App store. Lastly, a surprising Apple’s latest music streaming service called iTunes Radio is configurable according to a user’s tastes and preferences.

Apple Fans should expect the iOS 7 be released this fall.

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