iOS 8 Review Download available worldwide

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The latest iOS update is already being released and millions of iOS users are waiting for this big moment expecting to download it anytime now unless Apple’s servers are overwhelmed. For some, it may take hours or days to get because of network related hiccups. On a nutshell, the iOS 8 is expected to throw in new features for iPhones and iPads that support it. It packs new tools for health and fitness, improved controls, automated apps for home and new widgets make the update worth downloading.

It is also putting in something that Android users are currently enjoying in the past. Compatible iOS devices include iPhones 4S and its new iterations, the iPad 2 (higher model), the two iPad minis and latest iPod Touch. Not all, however, can enjoy some features because of app compatibility. The health app works only with iPhone 4s+, not with any iPad models. On the other hand, the feature known as “Continuity” only works with iPhone 5+, the fourth-gen iPad and Mac devices running OS X Yosemite in the future.

The new keyboard is being fitted with QuickType for fast typing and there are manual camera controls providing options for photo editing and adjusting shutter speed. Features that are common across all iPhone models are enhanced. The “con” side pertain only to the inability of “Hey Siri” to work unless the device is plugged in, the Apple Maps getting few improvements and inaccessibility of the Control

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