iPad 3 3D Upgrade & New Features (Video)

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iPad related report, this time, its all about a premonition that iPad 3 (next-generation iPad) will have a 3D-enabled display.

So we have two sources. One came from Appleinsider, in which a “person familiar” with the beta launch of iOS 5 have seen it run for 2048 x 1536 resolution, likewise, this could fuel the rumor-mill this type of super HD resolution will be infused for iPad 3.

The next rumor-mill came from netbooknews, in which they managed to get hold of the so-called “iPad 3 3D” featuring an all new prototype that boast a brighter with higher-resolution, and is suspected to use AMOLED for its screen.

Likewise, this fuels all the past discussion that iPad 2 may have a retina display, which was obviously busted on Apple’s March announcement. But considering we’re hearing again these tales that the next iPad might be pushing its resolution of up to 1536p, you can’t help but to understand the media going loco with this iPad 3 3D revelation.

If it won’t be arrive on October-November this year, expect iPad 3 release date on the first quarter next year.

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