iPad Photoshop App: Features Leaked

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Adobe is renowned to create software programs for various multimedia tools, and Photoshop, for one, had been a worldwide hit. It had gone through a lot of revamps, being integrated with more features and a better interface each time. At present, users can only access the Adobe Photoshop program through a desktop.

At the 2011 edition of Photoshop World, Adobe amazed people with introducing a new concept of a portable Photoshop. No, it’s not for laptops. It’s a Photoshop program made for the iPad. A demo has been presented wherein editing videos is as easy as dragging images and pushing buttons. You can simply blend, click and create new layers without confusion. The best part is, the interface is precise. The program even shows you all the layers in a 3D model atop each other, for better viewing.

It seems that the program is well on its way for release, but no information has been released regarding that yet. You can view the live demo at the video provided below.

Adobe Photoshop.com

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