iPhone 5 concept by Aatma Studio

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There are many iPhone 5 concepts online, but we think that this one takes the cake. Created by San Francisco based 3D animation and digital studio, Aatma Studio, it basically shows off features of a concept iPhone 5.

The studio designed a concept of the iPhone 5 which gave the phone features such as an ultra-thin design, much like the current generation iPod Touch, a wider display, and here are the two features we really love – a laser keyboard and a holographic display.

The laser keyboard isn’t too far fetched as there’s a similar laser keyboard that pairs with phones via Bluetooth, but Aatma Studio has taken it one step further by making the keyboard rotational and with the ability to adjust the brightness of the keyboard.

Then there’s the holographic display which allows the iPhone to project a holographic image/video of whatever’s displayed at the moment on the device. This isn’t too far fetched either as there was a patent discovered not too long ago that suggested Apple may be looking into pico projector integration for their iOS devices.

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