iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors

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Apple, the Steve Jobs co-founded tech innovator have always made September their month of unveiling their next generation gadgets; a streak that spans until now, when a Taiwanese leaker said that the iPhone 6 will be announced in August. Is this a stealthy strategy by Apple? Or are they thinking of a couple more devices this year?

Apparently, the answer is yes. The report further suggested that aside from the 4.7inch iPhone 6, Apple is also planning to present a phablet of their own: a tablet cum Smartphone hybrid with a real estate of 5.5 inches or 5.6 inches has been scheduled by the Cupertino based company in September.

The new scheme, including the birth of the first Apple phablet will also indoctrinate them into the world where a certain amount of users opts to have a hybrid rather than having two devices. As a steady leader in the industry, Apple is the only name without a phablet: Samsung had the 5.3inch Galaxy Note back in 2011, and other makers such as Nokia, HTC, and LG also donated to the growing fad.

For one, this is a smart move from Apple. Even with their iPhone not goind above 5 inches, it still proved to be a worthy challenger amidst the giants. It’s only fitting (and another potential threat) that they are now arming themselves with their own hulk.

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