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APPLE’S App Store houses more than 250,000 iOS apps, and the apps have been downloaded more than billions time. However, according to App Store analytics provider Distimo, only 28 per cent of apps on the App Store are free.

Did you know that you can get paid apps for free? Find out more from these websites.

Offering just one free iPhone paid app a day in its initial days, you can now get up to four free paid iOS apps a day from FreeAppADay.com (FAAD). There is also an Android section, but it has not been updated for a while.
Follow the site via email alerts, Facebook or Twitter to see what free apps you can get. It recently released an app called “The FAAD App”, where you can keep track of the free paid app of the day without visiting the website.
Most importantly, with this app, you can send FAAD your wish list of paid apps you’d like to get free and let FAAD work to make them free for you.

This website is brought to you by iOS gaming social network OpenFeint, and it offers a free paid iPhone game daily. It even displays a counter to show how much time is left before the offer runs out.

In addition to the usual Facebook and Twitter follows, the site has a free OpenFeint Game Spotlight app on App Store. The app shows the current free game of the day.
It also features previously free paid games, and if you’re lucky, some of these games might still be free.

While the previous sites showcase one or a few free paid apps, this website keeps track and profiles all iOS paid apps that are newly free on that day. If the app becomes paid again, the website is updated accordingly.

The strength of this site is also its weakness. The email alerts it sends out can have up to 83 free paid apps at times. It gets a tad tiring scrolling down the long list to decide which app is suitable for you. Still, the email alerts are comprehensive, with links to view the apps on both the website or in iTunes.

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