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If your fan of taking photos from your iphone & you are looking to take your iPhone to the next level, it seems that there is no shortage of accessory manufacturers who are out there coming up with innovative but functional photography accessories for the discerning iPhone photographer out there. Adding to that list would be Schneider Optics with their brand new iPro Lens System designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

If the image above did not already give it away, the iPro Lens System is a casing for the iPhone 4/4S which allows users to attach lenses over the default iPhone camera lens. In the case of the photo above, we are looking at an iPhone with the wide angle lens attached to it. In addition to the wide angle lens, a fish eye lens is also available for those who are taken by the funky distorted images that are achieved with the fish eye lens.

The standard iPro Lens System will set you back $199 and will come with both the wide angle and fish eye lens, a casing on which the user mounts the lenses, and a handle which does double duty as a casing for the lenses and a tripod mount adapter as well. At the moment it would appear that only two lenses are available, so here’s hoping to seeing a zoom lens and a macro lens find its way into Schneider Optics’ store in the future.

More Infos: schneideroptics.com

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