iResign – Steve Jobs Quits

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It’s confirmed that Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Jobs has officially resigned as Apple’s CEO and elected as Chairman of the Board while the company’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook is now the new Chief Executive Officer.

Here’s a screenshot of the letter published by Steve himself after his resignation.

While the man is out on his executive job, his vision, creativity and insights will still continue to embody Apple as a company.

During Steve Jobs leadership as CEO when he returned to Apple almost a decade ago, he saved the company from its ailing position, turning it into the world’s most innovative and valuable technology company. During his time, he touched several markets changing the course of mobile, music and computer industry as we know it. His vision also pave way to create a new market for tablets which serve as the middle device between a smartphone and a notebook, as remembered from his keynote last February of 2010 – the announcement of iPad 1.

As Cook steps in as the new executive of the company, we expect to see the stocks of Apple to dance a little bit. As of now, no one knows what will be the ramifications of this announcement to the arrival of Apple’s next-generation devices.

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