Islamic tablet, router & app launched

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A Dubai-based company has launched what it claims are the “world’s first Islamic IT products”. They include a comprehensive Islamic mobile application, an Islamic router and an Islamic tablet.

Unveiled by X-Concepts at the GITEX exhibition in Dubai on October 19, the products have the backing of renowned Islamic scholars like Dr Zakir Naik, Shaikh Assim Al Hakeem and Shaikh Yusuf Estes. Company CEO Asim Sajwani, who holds a telecommunications masters degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told XPRESS that all the products have been designed and engineered in Dubai.


He said the mobile application called iMurshid is the largest and most comprehensive to date. “We felt the need to develop something authentic as a lot of misleading information is being floated around when it comes to Islamic rituals, Zakat, Umrah, Haj or even interpretations of the Quran. So we took the support of Dr Zakir Naik and 54 other scholars to provide us with credible inputs. The app has 46 modules and the number will go up to 156 by the end of year 2016.” He said the free app, which can be downloaded both on iOS and Android phones, covers everything from local prayer timings, Qibla direction, Islamic calendar and events to the translation and interpretation of the Quran in seven languages, besides a Zakat calculator, Islamic TV and radio station, Islamic wallpapers and a matrimonial and job portal.

He said the children-friendly app has many programmes tailored to their needs. They include 365 Islamic stories told in a friendly manner by radio jockeys besides 300 lessons in Arabic. “The app also provides free consultations with Islamic scholars on issues of parenting, marriage etc.”

Sajwani said the Islamic router is the fastest of its kind and comes with an Islamic cloud firewall. “Every night, children can schedule and play an Islamic story through the router which comes with speakers. They can also learn the Quran through a daily feed of lessons, each lasting not more than 15-20 minutes. By January, we will also be launching a facility whereby parents can track where their children are with a one-week history available at any time.”

He said the Islamic tablet covers a wide range of functions from playing games to evaluating and managing budgets.

While iMurshid comes for free and can be downloaded on iOs or Android phones, the Islamic router can be purchased for BD59 on The tablet, which will be available from February next year, will cost BD99.

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