iTableous: 40-inch White iPhone 4 Table

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White iPhone 4 has “majestically” been out on its cage for a few months but that doesn’t mean some enthusiasts are already finished fantasizing with this once unicorn device. In fact, one guy tries to imitate the look and feel of this device, but this time, he increased its size to 40 inches!

So he calls this as the iTableous. Basically, it’s like an iPhone table and his inspiration came from several DIY projects across the net about making a bigger version of iPhone 4 which is similar with Microsoft Surface. The only difference? He wants to make it better and with a span of four months, he infused this device with specs such as a full HD TV reception capability, built-in DVD player, can dual boot with OSX SL and Windows 7; 4+1 sound system; 5.7MP HD cam (720p) and microphone plus, a wireless keyboard.

Interestingly, unlike those similar projects we’ve seen before where the device has a multitouch screen, Benjamin wants this to completely work like a big screened computer on a flat surface. Its specifications will also include 4GB DDR2 RAM, 500GB storage, HDMI port for wireless media steaming.

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