iTunes HD+ with 1080p Movies

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Apple will soon roll-out in iTunes HD digital movies in 1080p or 1,920×1,080 pixels display resolution for a Higher Definition video playback or viewing in contrast to the common Standard Definition (SD) video systems

iTunes is the downloadable proprietary media player of Apple Inc. used for digital video and music playing on any computers including its own products – iPod, iPhone and Ipad. The 1080p HD+ format may require the re-encoding of existing digital movies with lower format functionality. Users are expected to maintain a sustainable downlink of at least 10 megabits per second for a highly optimized streaming experience.

The media player will be modified to accommodate digital movies with 1080p HD content submitted by popular studios to the iTunes Store. Some offer various encoding options to suit the needs of users or depending on their graphic display resolution. Even Apple TVs will soon be patched with an A5 chip to guarantee output of 1080p streams instead of playback downscaling. The company is currently supporting the backend technology of existing devices for compatibility and to reduce buffering time.

Barring erratic connectivity issues, the new iTunes HD+ is believed to transform home entertainment from visual fantasy to reality. A limited number of 1080p HD movies will be available starting September this year.

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