Jetour T2 launched in Bahrain

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The Jetour T2, the first off-road vehicle produced by Jetour Auto, was launched in Bahrain during a ceremony held at Royal Saray Resort. In attendance were Ebrahim K. Kanoo (EKK) Director Waleed Kanoo, EKK Chief Executive Officer Mike Brightmore, representatives from Jetour Auto, and officials from the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain including Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office Li Baoan, First Secretary Chen Suhong, and Second Secretary Wang Zhen.

Powered by pioneering XWD fully automatic intelligent four-wheel drive technology, the T2 is accessible for both seasoned adventurers and novices to off-roading. It will be available in two versions: Luxury and Luxury Plus, both powered by 2.0TGDI engine and 7DCT, offering an impressive output of up to 254HP and a maximum torque of 390N·m. With six driving modes including Sport, Normal, Economy, Snow, Mud, and Rock, the T2 is versatile enough to tackle any terrain.

EKK CEO Mike Brightmore said: “Consumers’ tastes and needs are constantly evolving, and our aim is to keep pace and accommodate those changes to ensure the best possible driving experience. By introducing the T2 to Bahrain, we are not just bringing a new vehicle to the market, but responding to a growing demand for versatile off-road vehicles that offer the latest advancements in automotive technology and design. We are confident that its unique combination of innovation and practicality will make the T2 appealing to a wide range of customers.”

Since its debut in the Chinese market last year, the Jetour T2, has achieved notable success, garnering critical acclaim from both the media and the automotive industry. Its sales in China surpassed 10,000 units within the first three months of its launch, setting a record as the fastest hardcore off-road model to achieve this milestone. Its unique design, innovative off-road capabilities, and emphasis on safety and intelligence helped the T2 secure numerous awards, including the China Innovation Design Award and the title of China’s Most Popular Hardcore SUV, showcasing its leading position in the boxy off-road vehicle segment among Chinese brands.

Customers can choose from a variety of exterior color options and interior themes, ensuring that the T2 can be personalized to suit any taste. All T2 models come with a warranty of 10 years or 1,000,000 kilometers. For more information on the Jetour T2 or to book a test drive, please visit the showroom in Sitra or call +973 17500900.

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