Kinect Beamatron concept

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Microsoft has indeed a technological advancement. Researchers of the company have created a so-called augmented reality concept by enhancing the reaction of virtual simulation with that of the physical world. The process is known as Kinect Fusion (since the Kinect sensor is used) and utilizes a device called Beamatron in order to work. The Beamatron setup is basically comprised of the projector, Kinect sensor and a pan tilt moving head. The augmented reality concept is fairly simple as the process (Kinect Fusion) builds a 3D model of a space and enables objects projected to react with a variety of surfaces in physically appropriate ways. What is really commendable with the technology is that objects are projected in a room and there are realistic movements. The objects can react with other objects such as table, chair and walls. Simulation is not even distorted whenever crossings are made on bumpy surfaces. The projector can really sense what is happening in a room and makes changes in seconds. When used in the future, the possibilities are endless as this can be applied in both architecture and gaming. Moreover, it can also help individuals with their surroundings. Another application is that it would be able to bring notifications as well as graphics within user’s view.

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