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Backpack, bag and case protect the computer on the road and in transport, while mouse, keyboard, stand and monitor allow you to work more comfortably and ergonomically at home.

After choosing a good notebook for work or study, you need to have some accessories and peripherals, both to carry your computer safely around the city, and to set up a work area at home with ergonomics and comfort. See Shoptime’s must-have accessory tips.

Backpack or bag – Carrying a notebook requires care, as any blow can damage parts or move components out of place. Look for a backpack or bag made for the size of your laptop and with extra space for accessories and your personal items. Prefer those with a padded compartment or special divider: it can be an independent zipper or a space in the larger opening, preferably with reinforced protection.

Polyester and nylon backpacks and bags are usually lightweight and durable, while leather and synthetic leather products are very durable and sophisticated. Another option is backpacks with semi-rigid and pre-molded materials, such as EVA and polyethylene, which are comfortable and resistant to knocks. Look for well-sealed or water-resistant backpacks or bags, especially if you walk a lot, use public transport or bike.

Protective case – A reinforced fabric or foam case, with a zipper, is very useful for those who carry the notebook in a bag or briefcase that is not 100% closed, to avoid scratches or contact of the machine with dust and water on rainy days. This is also an option for those who carry a designer backpack, full of style, but with little functionality to protect the notebook. On the other hand, at home, there is no need to use the case as a support: let the computer ventilate and with the air vents free.

Keyboard and Mouse Kit – To build your desktop at home, start by investing in a keyboard and mouse kit, or separate products, so you can work with your hands in a more ergonomic and comfortable position, not the small frame of the laptop.

Notebook stand – Complementing the ergonomics kit, buy an adjustable notebook stand to stop working with your neck bent down. The brackets and supports will bring the notebook screen to eye level and also help to better position your webcam for video meetings. There are mounts with fan and fan with USB, which help to cool the computer.

Monitor – If you have a dedicated space for your home office or for studying at home, our recommendation is to invest in a good monitor, especially if your notebook is less than 15 inches. That way, your laptop remains portable for meetings and events outside, but doubles as a desktop computer while you’re at home, or as a second screen to expand your workspace.

Look for a monitor with height and tilt adjustment. However, as many monitors do not have height adjustment, you may need to provide support or support. Speaking of resolution, 4K screens still have a high price, but it is already possible to find Full HD monitors with a refresh rate above 90 Hz and very interesting values.

Headset or Headset – Invest in a comfortable headset. A good option are wireless over-ear headphones (or over-ears) that also have a P2 cable input: you can use them connected via Bluetooth or wired to the notebook, for meetings and video presentations. Those who work online all the time can bet on a headset with a microphone, which is also useful for cooperative game players.

Hub adapter – Depending on your notebook, it may have all the ports and inputs you use or just a free USB-C port when the power cable is plugged in. For the second case, you will need to buy a hub adapter. Look for options with different ports, to meet the maximum needs: USB, USB-C, HDMI, microSD card, etc.

UPS – Ensure that the equipment will continue to work, even with instabilities in the electrical network or possible lightning storms. A stabilizer works well for the notebook, monitor and other accessories. If you can afford it, invest in a UPS to increase safety and prevent burnt-out devices.

External hard drive – Have a portable drive to back up your computer and important files, in addition to what you already keep in the cloud. It can save you a day, a week, or a month of work when you get used to making regular backups.

Office Supplies – Keep a notepad, pens, paper clips and a self-adhesive pad close by to jot down notes, reminders and other work routines. Take the opportunity to also leave a pad of paper and pen in your backpack.

Lighting – Ceiling light fixtures end up casting shadows on the keyboard or desktop, depending on where your desk is. There are corded or rechargeable LED luminaires that serve both to brighten your work area and to illuminate your face with diffused light, like a ring light, to appear with more quality in videos and meetings.

Extra charger – Whoever is on the distracted team can also invest in an extra source. So, you always have a charger at home and another in your backpack, so you never run out of battery in your notebook.

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