Laser LightLane for bicyclists

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Bicycle is the answer to several modern life issues. The most obvious one for the end-users is of course costs. Bicycles are much cheaper than cars as they are not so complicated, don’t have to pay fees as they enter city centers and don’t use any kinds of fuel. They are more mobile than cars or public transport as they don’t get stuck in traffic jams and are emission free. However, many citizens, who are currently using bicycles everyday, say that they will buy a car as soon as possible because they want to travel in more comfortable way and they want to feel themselves safer. The last issue is now one more step closer to its final solution. The LightLane concept provides rider with some extra space and outlines him with a virtual bike lane.

Altitude Inc. designed a gadget that is attached to the bike and is equipped with a number of lasers. Lasers draw shape of the bike lane on the road. Such a way rider is now visible in the dark and drivers will probably not brake into his own space. Red lines on the road also look nice but how helpful are they? Laser light will probably grow dim in the lights of a vehicle or street illumination. If we dive into Highway Code, we find out that bicyclist is a participant of the road traffic, which means he can use a full lane. Why to bother with gadgets and confuse drivers in this case? Anyway, if LightLane helps to avoid accidents on the road, it will by highly appreciated. LightLane shouldn’t be an expensive device, so why not to reinsure then?

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