Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 will get Windows 8

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Lenovo already have an idea on the future consumer needs. We even had a taste of the plans during the Computex which fueled more interest to the company’s new project. It was through the FCC and some official documents that we were able to discover the great news of the release of a new gadget. Well, Lenovo’s new baby is a decent replacement for the ThinkPad Tablet that is out in the market today. The new tablet, unlike is predecessor which runs on Android, will operate with the highly anticipated Windows 8. It will also have an Intel Atom processor to complement the new OS. The 10-inch slate will have a nice 1,366 x 768 IPS display. For those who are concerned with battery life, you may now rest since we are assured of its 10-hour capability. 

Specs that should be noted are its good pair of cameras (a 2MP front and an 8MP rear), an NFC radio a micro-HDMI output, and the users option of either having a 3G or a 4G connection. It was rather sad that in general the phone will only be available with the HSPA+ connection but in America, AT&T and LTW will be able to provide a connection for the tablet users. Interestingly, the ThinkPad tablet 2 also has a fingerprint reader and comes with a stylus. Some accessories which you might want to take note of are the optional keyboard, and a tablet dock which gives you additional ports like an Ethernet jack and three USB ports. 

Lenovo has yet to give us any details as to how much we need to shell out for one tablet. What we do know is that the tablets will be sold in the market this October which will be just in time for the Windows 8 to also be shipped. As of the moment, let’s just enjoy the new details we have discovered and hope that we get more good news later.

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