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The newest competitor in the ultrabook market is Lenovo and they got one special device in the form of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Lenovo is marketing their ultrabook to consumers looking for these three (3) features – lightweight, durable and performs well – whenever shopping or choosing the right laptop for them. The features alone may be the devices’ strong selling points. 

Looking at its material, the X1 Carbon has a carbon-fiber exterior and Lenovo wastes no time in branding it to be the world’s lightest ultrabook. Weight is not an issue as it registers at just three (3) pounds and it is 0.7-inches deep when looking at its thickest point. Since it is made from carbon fiber material (said to its secret ingredient), durability comes into mind as the ultrabook is able to withstand scratches as well as those minor or petty device accidents that happen during travel, leisure or work. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon also sports a 14-inch screen that offers 1600×900 display resolution. 
According to Lenovo, the device projects a bright picture even when its screen is at wide viewing angles. As for its processor who is in charge of running the show, it has Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips embedded on it. Keyboard is backlit and spill-resistant (this comes in very handy). One can also find 3G connectivity on it. There is also the optional rapid charge wherein its juice reaches 80% charge even when just plugged for half an hour or about 30 minutes. Lenovo though has been quiet as to how long battery life would be. One distinct feature of the X1 Carbon is that its LCD monitor can open almost 180 degrees which is not very common for your average laptop. It also comes with vPro enterprise-manageability tech. 
Still no news about the pricing.

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