LG Curved-Display TV -Overviews & Features

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LG scores another milestone with its imminent release of a 105-inch curved TV display.

The South Korean company unleashes 105UB9, its newest TV technology packed with avant-garde features that can surpass the OLED TV it released in 2013. While the TV measures 105 inches on the diagonal, viewers are treated to a clearer and brighter screen display with 5120×2160 Ultra-High Definition. That’s around 4K resolution with 11 million pixels.

The behemoth monitor also uses the standard LED LCD technology, possibly making the price slightly cheaper compared to the more expensive OLED screen. It’s made of improved TFT technology that enables the TV to emit even backlighting across the curved display.

The latest model also stands out with its 21:9 “CinemaScope’ aspect ratio which is at par with the quality of ultra-wide screen movies. Its extended screen width also enables users to read the viewing information of the shows shown on the screen without blocking what’s happening on the telly.

While the public is still clueless about the TV’s price, some suggested that the latest TV from LG will cost at least $80000 (BHD 30160).

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