LogMeIn Ignition For iPad

LogMeIn’s remote access on the PC/Mac is phenomenal, because it’s both free and allows you to control one machine from another machine as easily as anything else we’ve seen. The iPhone/iPad LogMeIn Ignition app has also been good.

The most visible changes are the upgraded UI, file transfer and the Wake-On-Lan feature, which lets you power up a computer that’s off from anywhere in the world. Pretty awesome that you don’t have to waste electricity keeping your home machine on just so that you can access some files from the road.

It’s also speedier—even on the original iPad, but it’s definitely crisper and more pleasurable to use on the iPad 2—like everything else on the iPad 2. The end result is that you can quickly VNC into your computer from somewhere else in the house, or the world, and have a better experience.

Price $30! [iTunes]

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