Lumus DK-40- Google Glass Competition

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Lumus-DK40-ar-glassSmartphones and tablets have been man’s favorite companion today. However, there are physical inconveniences that these gadgets present. Because of this, the birth of heads up display gadgets (HUD) is made possible. One HUD device is made by Google called as the Google Glass. From the name itself, Google glass is an eyeglass shaped device which is actually a headset with a projected display screen, a camera and available data connection.

However, Google glass is yet to meet its best competitor, the Lumus DK-40. Lumus, a well known manufacturer for military HUD devices has developed their new HUD glass that offers full augmented reality support which is not present in its Google glass competitor.

Unlike Google’s small display block, the DK-40’s entire right lens is set to display in 640 by 480 pixels. This allows multiple graphic displays instead of Glass’ separate notifications screens.

Lumus doesn’t intend to actually mass produce this device for commercial use. However, they want to show that their DK-40 is capable of integrating digital graphics with the real world view. What’s good with Lumus’ DK-40 is that you can strut and wear this device like you are just wearing regular glasses.

The resolution display of Lumus offers a 25-degree field of view in the right lens. Moreover, the block section carries the 5 MP camera along with the processor, the battery and the sensors. This device is wireless and can last up to 1-2 hours.

The Lumus DK-40 HUD is expected to be released and distributed at the end of the first quarter of 2014. There is no confirmed price range set for the device yet.

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