Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Price and Release Date

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The Lion OS, oooh yeah, the thing you already are awaiting on you Apple Macs so proceed with enthusiasm!

So the first one is all about giving the new platform a capability to run the new versions of AirPort and Time Capsule – two new hardwares that are expected to be announced at the event since it was pulled from the Apple shops a couple of weeks ago.

For its User Interface, expect that the look and feel of the new OS will be similar to what you have in your iPad. Yes folks, I don’t know if this has been said to you before, but the OS X Lion is all about melding with the iOS for Smartphones and Tablets – the Mac app store, full screen mode, stackable folders, etc. — you name it! And we hope to see more later.

As for its predicted release date, 9to5Mac believes it should be announced on June 14 & it might be delivered both on Apple’s online shop and you can download it from the Mac App Store as well. Price should be similar to the previous cost of Snow Leopard.

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