MacBook Pro 2012: Release update

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While Apple’s been staying strong in the mobile device market, it hasn’t made a move in the laptop and desktop races for a couple of years. However, now, there are some reports on the Internet saying that the company is gearing up for a big roll-out of Mac devices, including a new Mac Pro workstation to succeed the 2010 model. This news comes from 9to5Mac a day after the same site reported that the devices will be revealed during Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC. 

Citing some unknown sources, the site gives out some numbers. 

The first two are apparently the base models with corresponding prices, while the third is the high-end unit, the most expensive of the three potential offerings and may come with OS X Server, which is Apple’s Lion OS except with the capability to set up a server for several users such as a class or a group of business partners to share and save files easily. It’s also been said before that the company has been experimenting with prototype designs that will allow for the Mac Pro to be stack-able and fit into a rack. There’s also talk of more storage drives included in the desktop, which would make sense for OS X Server to work well, especially since the X serve line is obsolete and discontinued. Furthermore, old units of the Mac Pro have been pulled from Apple stores, which really does point to a new model coming out soon. 

The WWDC is set to happen from June 11 to 15, so all questions can be answered next week. Then we can see if the rumors are just rumors, or if Apple will really revive its Mac line-up with new units.

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