MacBook Air 2013

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The new MacBook Air introduced in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) comes in two sizes, the 11- and 13-inch Airs, both fitted with a Haswell CPU and a battery with a longer life. In particular, battery life of the 11-incher is at nine hours while the 12-incher is pegged at 12 hours. The fourth-gen processors used are the Intel Core i5 and i7, while graphics are made faster by 40 percent thanks to the Intel HD 5000 graphics.

Both MacBook Air also contain a Wifi, Thunderbolt and other standard ports, and a 128Gb SSDs but the screen resolution remains unchanged for now, which explains the longer battery life earlier said. A disk speed test made showed a write speed of 433.4Mb/s and a read speed at 725.4Mb/s which is twice faster than the older MacBook Pro (with Retina). Other things, or specs, are yet to come but the brushed aluminium-covered apple laptop still looks cool from all angles.

The improvements made confirm the fact that Apple indeed refreshes this branded laptop computer yearly with new processors and designs as the minimum. The 11-inches has a price tag of $999 (BHD 377), while the larger one is priced at $1,099 (BHD 415), and both are now available at The Apple Store with its product page providing more info in real-time.

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