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It’s that time of the year when Apple embarks on its annual developer’s conference. This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled to run from June 10 to June 14 in San Francisco and promises to shine the spotlight on several revamped Mac computers, including the Retina MacBook Pro.

Several analysts have reported that Apple will be showcasing a slimmer and sexier 13” Retina MacBook Pro that comes with an iSight camera with Full HD capabilities and a new Haswell processor from Intel which will give it a significant battery bump. The slimmer design is aimed at making the Retina MacBook Pro more portable and more enticing to people who just can’t leave home without their laptop. The laptop line’s FaceTime camera is also expected to have also undergone some changes, like a boost from 720p to a Full HD 1080p. This could mean that Apple has a new sensor in the works, one that would result in better quality and higher resolution selfies. The Retina MacBook Pro and its buddies will more than likely carry the revamped 4th gen Intel Haswell processors as well as other next-gen technology Apple can come up with.

Stocks for the 13” Retina MacBook Pro have gone down recently. Based on past precedents, this move implies that it’s the first that would be given a boost, even if upgrades to others in its lineup might take longer. It’s also not surprising, as Apple have done similar moves in the past, like when a revamped 15” Retina laptop was shown off first, despite it being the biggest in its line.

WWDC 2013 appears set to go down in Apple history as the year when software is the key. One only needs to check out the slimmer, more portable casings, the expanded GPU power, the rumored appearance of the NVIDIA GeForce 700M as well as reports on expanded iPhone and iPad connectivity to know that there’s truth to the claim.

Apple admittedly has some aces up its sleeve with the upgrades it’s touted to be pushing. However, analysts are still saying that despite these revamps, Apple’s laptop sales will still fall to 12 million this year, a million more from last year.

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