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iPad by Apple is a truly amazing tablet. It lets you do practically everything you can expect out of a tablet and no wonder if it exceeds your expectations. The best part of an iPad is that you can even use it to earn good money by becoming a developer. Now you can always develop new and attractive applications for iTunes App store, but what many people don’t know is that you can even develop Games for an iPad. Now that sounds interesting, isn’t it?

It indeed sounds lucrative to be able to create your own iPad games. You can use your own created game to use an as example of your skills for your prospective employers, as part of your portfolio, and of course, to earn money by selling it on App Store. What is important to note, however, that it is anything but a child’s play to create iPad games. One would need to dedicate a lot of time for mastering the skills that are necessary to create the game applications. You should be ready to spare a lot of your time as the whole process calls for much effort and considerable time. However, it is certainly not an impossible job; if you are determined you can do it.

Here is some information on what is required to create games for an iPad.

Learn Objective C Objective C is the programming language that is universally used to create applications not only for iPad, but also for iPod and iPhone. This process is time consuming and will require you to spend some dedicated time to study the subject everyday for some months at least. It might be easier to get yourself enrolled in a technical school to learn the subject in a most professional manner.

Join the Apple’s iOS Developer Program It costs 99 dollars per year to join this program. When you register yourself, you are allowed to download the latest iPad software development kit or SDK in short, test the developed applications on a virtual iPad and then finally upload it to App Store for selling.

Develop and Code Once you have gained the required skills, you can then start developing the game concept and start coding it. You may want to hire a graphics designer to do the graphics for your dream game; otherwise you would need to study to master the skill of graphics designing also.

Testing Phase It is very important that you test your game extensively before uploading it to App Store for selling. You can also distribute it to some of your friends with iPad to know their feedback. Catch and fix as many bugs as possible.

Submit Once the game has passed the testing phase, you can submit it to iTunes Connect through the “Program Portal” under your Developer account. The Developer Certificate given to you at the time of registration should be valid. You may not know but this certificate needs to be renewed every six months. Once it has expired, it can be purchased again via the Developer account.

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