Man Makes First 3G call from Mount Everest

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In an attempt to prove that 3G radios work at the highest place on Earth, Kenton Cool decided to bring along with him a smartphone on his latest climb up the highest mountain in the world.

On his ninth trip up to the peak, (sponsored by Samsung), he brought up with him Samsung’s latest flagship Android phone – the dual-core-wielding Samsung Galaxy S II. But all that processing power and beautiful Super AMOLED Plus display won’t mean a thing the phone can’t be used to do what a phone was originally designed to do: make calls.

Kenton Cool climbed 29,029-feet to the summit of the mountain, and successfully sent out a tweet and made a phone call with the phone’s 3G connection. In case you were wondering why the phone even had 3G service there, it’s all thanks to Ncell, a carrier that installed the first 3G station at Everest’s base camp. The goal of Ncell was to give mountaineers the option to use a regular cellphone for communication purposes instead of lugging around a cumbersome satellite phone.

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