Mass Effect 1 for PS3

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Mass Effect has recently given us some good news about the newly unveiled Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation. He has finally given details regarding the ME1 on the PlayStation 3. 

For the first time ever since, the game will be launched on the console for all the fans to enjoy. Some of the developments we will see on the ME1 are quite impressive. 

Apparently, the company will be releasing the Mass Effect 1 together with other titles when it is released physically. Mass Effect 1 for the PS3 version will also be developed under the supervision and collaboration of Edge of Reality and BioWare. 

A lot of major tweaks have been made in order to iron out all the kinks and bugs that were in the original version for the Xbox 360. The company will also be making sure that the experience that fans had with the 2007 Mass Effect will still be present from the recent version. 

On the other hand, EA has made sure that the recent Mass Effect 1 will indeed perform better and become more efficient, the company has been serious about it. The price tag will be (BHD 20 – 30) and the release is set for early 2013.

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