Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

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Microsoft’s finally ready to spit out the details on its Arc Touch Mouse, which at the end of the day is really just… a mouse. As we’ve seen, the peripheral has an incredibly unique design — the flat device arches its back to click into a mountain shape, which actually ends up powering the little rodent up. So, where does the whole “touch” factor come into play? Well, very similarly to the Mad Catz Eclipse mouse, the Arc Touch has a capacitive touch strip with sensor pads between the mouse buttons that can be used for scrolling and customizable shortcuts. We’ve got you covered with some hands-on impressions and video after the break, but that’s about all you’ll be getting for a while since the press release below says the $69.95 mouse won’t hit the market until December. Yep, December! That’s a bit odd to us, but they’ll be taking pre-orders today so hit the break to finally see this thing push the cursor around.

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