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The Microsoft Office 365 includes all of Microsoft’s cloud productivity apps rolled into one service. This includes a Web-based e-mail, shared documents, shared calendars, websites, business meetings and conferences and a lot more. With this new offer from Microsoft, customers out there can pick and choose the apps that they want and pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $ 2 to $ 27 per month. Microsoft aims to target those small businesses out there with this new online professional suite. It seems that Microsoft is trying to catch up with Google since it is a known fact that Google Apps are being used by more than three million organizations from all over the world.

The Microsoft Office 365 will give users the access to e-mail, documents, contacts and calendars anywhere you want and anytime so you can always be up-to-date. And there is also no need to familiarize yourself again because this professional suite typically includes those Microsoft Office applications that your team might be already using. And what is even good about this is that it’s an all- in-one pay as you go service that comes in an affordable price.

This professional suite is ideal for professionals and small businesses out there that has less than 25 employees and do not have an IT staff or the expertise. There is also a plan that is designed for businesses that have advanced IT needs as well. Well, knowing Microsoft as an industry leader when it comes to productivity solutions that you can count on, then the Microsoft 365 is really something that we should really look forward to.

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