Microsoft Office Lens for Windows Phone – Free Download

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Microsoft has just released a very useful tool for those who wish to edit and save their pictures to OneNote while on the go, Office Lens.

With Office Lens, Windows Phone users will be able to trim, improve and make pictures of whiteboards as well as doc readable. As mentioned earlier, they can then be saved to OneNote with a touch of a button.

The application acts like a mobile scanner that allows users to capture pictures and then edit and share them with friends via OneNote.

Office Lens also allows Windows Phone users to digitally duplicate printed documents, business cards or posters. According to Microsoft, the application can recognize the text automatically (OCR), so users can search and edit it with ease.

The app features two modes: Whiteboard mode and Document mode. The former provides users with the options to trim, clean up glares and shadows from text/pictures on whiteboards, whereas the latter trims and colors text/pictures from documents.

Keep in mind that Office Lens requires you to log with your Microsoft Account, which must be the same as the one registered in the device.

You can now download Office Lens for Windows Phone 1.0.2628.0 for free via Windows Phone Store.

The application is only compatible with devices powered by Windows Phone 8 and up.

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