Microsoft plans for Kinect laptop

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Microsoft’s involvement in the motion controlled gaming market comes in the form of the Kinect, and they intend to bring things up another notch with the Kinect laptop. The Daily in the UK managed to take a gander at a couple of prototype devices from ASUS which are powered by the Windows 8 operating system, boasting Kinect sensors that are located at the top of the display, while a set of LEDs will run along the bottom, although it will be nothing quite like KITT from Knight Rider. No idea on how the device will see action exactly, but a Microsoft source did confirm that the devices were official prototypes of upcoming laptops that will run on a Kinect sensor.

With Kinect’s wireless technology, it might allow laptop users to interact with their Windows 8 installation as well as other applications, while delivering a new vehicle for one to play games for disabled users.

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