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Microsoft has finally launched its new semi-social network called Microsoft after several months of speculation. Basically, this site targets those students out there who are looking for sites where they can collaborate with other students and share their research through using some special tools that Microsoft has created. Well, some of you might be interested in how this semi-social network started and how this site works. is actually an experimental project that was developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs with the main objective of exploring the possibilities of enhancing social search for the purpose of learning.

Some of the features of this site:
This site effectively combines social networking and research thus, allowing students out there to find other people and share interesting pages where they can collaborate and work together
allows students out there to create posts through the use of visual web content
encourages collaboration and interaction among students through its real media and real time sharing of videos and other contents
Most of the students nowadays generally used social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and search engine websites like Bing and Google in order to search for people and research separately. However, with this site, you do not really need to go to these sites separately because you can do both researching and sharing with people you know within this site. If this sounds cool to you, then all you have to do is to participate in the FUSE labs research community where you will get the chance to participate in some of their experiments that are available in the web.

For those students out there who would like to be more involved in this experimental project, you can also e-mail for more details. So how does this site works? Microsoft Socl is actually powered by Bing. In other words, the site makes use of Bing’s API in order to display search results. With this site, students can look and work on the same content and even discover new interests through sharing. This site also used the so-called mood boards, which are common to visual designers out there in establishing the look of a certain project.

Microsoft Socl is a site that will optimize and fully enhance social networking and research among students. This is actually a modern way of enhancing learning as well as sharing among students. So students out there, would you consider using this site in your research?

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