Microsoft Surface RT Tablet (Official Pricing)

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Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing for its Surface tablet with Windows RT, there will be three different options available and pricing for the Microsoft Surface RT tablet starts at $499 (BHD 190). 

The entry level Surface RT Tablet comes with 32GB of storage and this will retail for $499 (BHD 190), you can also get the 32GB Surface with the Touch Cover for $599 (BHD 227), and there is a third option, a 64GB Surface Tablet with the Touch Cover, this version retails for $699 (BHD 265). Microsoft has also released the pricing information for the various accessories, the Touch Cover will retail for $119.99 (BHD 47) and the Type Cover will retail for $129.99 (BHD 51), all devices will be available later this month when Windows 8 is launched, and they are expected to go up for pre-order shortly.

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