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Microsoft team has been doing their homework on cloud adoption while working to reap the benefits of increasing demand for such services. The Windows Intune IT solution for streamlining PC as well as device management and enhancing productivity of remote workers has been launched by Microsoft India.
The service delivers cloud-based management and security capabilities from just one web-based console which allows users to operate at high performance from almost anywhere. It basically straightens out the process of how businesses manage and secure PCs employing Windows cloud services and Windows 7. Companies can expect to support more clients courtesy of the cloud-based system without further stretching the payroll as opposed to the traditional onsite business model.

“Microsoft is focused on providing management solutions to help IT organizations give employees access to what they need, when they need it, from anywhere and on a wider variety of device. A solution like Windows Intune is the perfect example of how customers and partners of all sizes can take advantage of cloud computing for easy-to-use PC management and security,” cited Sumeet Khanna, Director – Windows Client, Microsoft India.
IDC reckons that the cost savings with Windows Intune can amount to approximately $702 per PC every year. This figure takes into account IT labor reduction, user productivity savings and cost recovery from not having to employ other utilities. In a separate study commissioned by Microsoft, the research firm claims Windows Intune can help businesses grow PC management by around 19% over the first year of operations.
Windows Intune is currently available in 35 nations across the globe.

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