miniLock Plugin: Encryption & Decryption Tool Overviews

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If you ask any developer and programmer and they will downright say that encrypting is a tedious task. For one, it requires a special set of skills to do the job and yes, a ton of patience for you not to smash your PC or laptop if anything goes wrong. Then again, the HOPE hacker conference in New York will literally break the walls down as Nadim Kobeissi has developed an easy to remember file encrypting program.

Dubbed as miniLock, it is an open source browser plugin that tags a double standard: it could encrypt and decrypt files even with those numerous security protocols in a jiffy. Kobessi, a 23 year old activist/coder said that the miniLock is “super simple, approachable and it’s almost impossible to be confused doing it.”

Strong words, Mr. Kobessi, but the program is indeed very simple, although the developer admitted that it is still on it experimental stage. An early build tested by a source, an easy drag and drop process was all it took for a file to be encrypted. In addition, the program could practically crack any form of files, from email attachments to USB flash drives, or even those stored on Google Drive or Dropbox.

miniLock promises to tear down every barrier that makes us want to leave encryption to the experts. No private keys, no login or registration – the program only needs a strong passphrase to launch it. After the usual typing, the passphrase initiates a miniLock ID, or the publick key and an invisible public key that is erased when the program is closed. Now we’re seeing something special.

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