MIUI Launcher for Android 4.0 & 2.3

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Are you bored with your Android UI(Launcher) or maybe you prefer the user interface found in iOS devices, here’s something you might want to try. 

MIUI has released their new launcher for Androids 2.3+ and 4.0+ devices. For those who don’t know who MIUI is, it’s a team of developers known for their custom ROM that makes Android look like a different operating system. For some, MIUI’s launchers remind them of the iOS mainly because like the popular Apple operating system, it does away with the app drawer. However, this launcher is more than just an iOS imitation. It allows you countless personalization with lots of themed icons for Google apps as well as widgets. One notable feature is the MiLocker. This app allows you to customize your lock screen and even has a theme that lets you directly unlock your screen to your camera, text messaging, etc. You can also download additional themes to the launcher. 

MIUI is created by Chinese developer Xiaomi Tech so don’t be confused if you see Chinese characters on the launcher. Another thing that’s good about it is that you can download and use it on your phone without needing to flash your ROM unlike previously available versions. 

MIUI is available for download free on the MIUI website or via Google Play so customize away. 

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